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Tom Morris, Jnr. was born on 20th  April 1851 and passed away on Christmas Day 1875.He was also known as “Young Tom Morris” being as his Father was Tom Morris as well. He is considered one of the pioneers of professional golf, and was the first young prodigy in golf history.Which is nor surprising when you look at what his Dad achieved.

He won four consecutive titles in the Open Championship, (British Open) an unmatched feat, and did this all by the time reached the ripe old  age of 21.

He was born in “The Home of Golf”, St Andrews, Fife, Scotland, and also died there in 1875, aged only 24. His passing remains a mystery as to the cause of death, but a 6 day match in freezing conditions and losing his old vigor when his wife died in child birth may have had something to do with his demise. It was also rumored that he had a penchant for the falling over water which may also have hindered any kind of recovery. Who knows what might have been?

His father. Old Tom Morris, Tom Morris Snr., was the green keeper and professional of the St Andrews Links, and himself won four of the first eight Open Championships. Young Tom’s first Open Championship win, in 1868 aged 17, made him the youngest major champion in golf history, a record which still stands.

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